We see ourselves as onion peelers. And you, the onion.


You talk, we peel. We know that at the heart of every person, business and brand there’s a story. It’s our mission to reveal the layers to unearth the narrative and find the real essence of who you are, what you believe in and stand for and to help you connect with your true story. 


What’s your story? We can help you tell the next chapter.

  • Led by one of the most experienced journalists in New Zealand
  • A tight-knit multi-disciplined team
  • Collaborative by nature
  • Able to call on an enviable network of leading specialists
  • Fluent and connected in all media and platforms
  • Recognised for our work with a raft of national awards 

We use our more than 60 years combined experience, intuition and a world cup winning desire to ‘dig deep’ to bring out the best in every person and every story.



‘I am. Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.’





Been there, done that and lives to help you tell your story.

Amanda has a life-long passion and talent for helping people tell their stories - in the media, in boardrooms, at conferences or in videos. 

After 40 years in the business, she knows storytelling and what connects with an audience. Most of Amanda’s journalism career has been in high profile current affairs - on 20/20 and 60 Minutes - where she earned more than 18 national awards. 

These included, three national titles as Best Current Affairs Reporter and Best Interviewer for seven consecutive years. Amanda leads the team and the diagnosis at am&co - where it’s all about transformation, results and you.



Communications Advisor


Astute, practical and able to simplify the complex.

Alison has been a writer, journalist and television producer for more than 20 years, winning several awards at the New Zealand Herald, 60 Minutes and 20/20, where she worked alongside Amanda. One of her key strengths at am&co is her astute analysis to provide up-front practical feedback and distil complex information into content that is beautifully simple and engaging, yet informative. Discipline and action rule this woman. She’s a green belt in karate!.



Production Manager


Communications Advisor & Mindfulness Facilitator

At am&co we believe that now, more than ever, we need to train ourselves to be present. Many of our clients are at the top of their game, or wanting to be, yet they’re struggling with stress and overload.  Tennessee originally found the practice of mindfulness as a way to cope with workplace stress while working as a broadcast journalist. Tennessee creates a space where you can reduce the noise in your head and find freedom from the constant narrative that undermines performance and productivity. 

Before joining am&co, she worked as a journalist for five years, first with Queenstown’s Mountain Scene newspaper before moving to TV3/Newshub and RadioLive. She dealt with the changing demands on journalists through social media and digital platforms so she understands the new media landscape.  Tennessee provides the zen at am&co. Is it co-incidence that her initials are TM?



Editor & Animator


The Swiss army knife of video skills

Sam has more than 12 years experience working in television (mainly at TV3) in video production and post-production. He’s as cool as a cucumber and always up for everything.

He makes his edits sing with energy and creativity, thanks to his wide set of video skills and the capacity to pull off the seemingly impossible. He specialises in graphics and 2D/3D animation.




Camera Operator


Consistently finds the awe-inspiring shot…quietly.

Jarod is the other half of the ‘calm couple’ with his mate Sam. He shoots most of the videos as camera operator and is also a gun video editor. Jarod studied at South Seas Film & TV in 2004, where he specialised in camera and art department work and now has more than 12 years experience working on film productions, corporate shoots and training videos. As a cinematographer of six short films, he’s also been nominated for an international award. So Jarod has a ton of creative talent. He gives each project extra flare and he’ll consistently find that awe-inspiring shot.



‘ The team at am&co’s strengths are in their creative skills, their energy to get the job done and their consistent professional attitude that anything’s possible.’

Bernie Diver Chairperson and Acting Executive Director NZDIA (New Zealand Defence Industry Association)

 ‘Amanda is a thorough professional who is incredibly well connected and talented at both conceiving the right things to do to achieve desired outcomes and then executing on them.’

Theresa Gattung Co Founder My Food Bag


Amanda Millar & Co Now we’re talking

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