Our relationships with clients are like good wines. They just get better.


Excuse the cliché, but it’s true. Our best experiences and biggest successes with clients happen when we’re able to grow together over time.  


From multi-nationals to boutique and one-person businesses, we work with high performing companies, (Z was voted best company in the Deloitte awards, 2016), top national sports teams, internationally acclaimed events (WOW) and award winning entrepreneurs – as well as many motivated people who just want to be the very best they can be when all ears and eyes are on them. 

We get to know what makes each individual or organisation tick, where the strengths and insecurities are, what buttons to push and what areas to work on. There are no templates. Everything is bespoke to complement the individuality of the person, their brand and their company. And we always try to keep it real, engaging and fun.



Chief Executive Winner 2016 CEO of the Year

Mike Bennetts Z Energy

'Over the past six years.  Z’s commitment to effective storytelling and transparency with stakeholders has meant we had to get really good at communicating and Amanda and her team have played a vital role in growing our individual and collective skills and capabilities.'



Chairperson & Acting Executive Director

Bernie Diver NZ DIA

'The team at am&co’s strengths are in their creative skills, their energy to get the job done and their consistent professional attitude that anything’s possible. An example was at this year’s Forum, we broke with convention and the am&co team produced 11 key interviews that were recorded on the day and onsite, then edited and immediately screened. It was a great success'




Theresa Gattung My Food Bag

'Amanda and her team are first class,  both commercially and creatively. She is a thorough professional who is incredibly well connected and talented at both conceiving the right things to do to achieve desired outcomes and then executing on them.'



General Manager

Adair Cameron Williment Group Travel

'Over the past few years we have had the great pleasure to work with Amanda and her team on several projects

Recently, our sales team spent a day with Amanda and her team in order to further hone their communication and more specifically their sales knowledge – again Amanda and her colleagues delivered powerful and useful skills to the team and had them present to their peers whilst being recorded in order to offer direct critical feedback in a supportive environment. The team gained a huge amount from the day and I hear them using the techniques they picked up on a daily basis.

Amanda’s preparation and follow up for both events is exemplary and I cannot recommend her workshops highly enough.'




Derek Elvy Buoy Salon & Spa

'We, as a company, have called upon the professional services of am&co several times, be it in the area of team building through to more creative endeavours.  

Among the stand out assets of working with this company- and so important - is the sense of identity they bring to your business that elevates you to both a respected and desired place.'



EA to CEO, 2010

Makuini Warbrick Icebreaker

'The ability to handle our crowd, our CEO, Jeremy Moon, and the guests with such grace, pizzazz and bossiness was a perfect mix.'



Chief Technology Officer, 2014

Aaron O’Brien Les Mills International

'On the presentation front, I have continued to improve and feel that the work you did with me broke the back of it and its been all up from there. It will never be my natural strength, but you certainly helped me face a major fear that was holding me back. I could never thank you enough.'



GM Strategy & Business Operations

Vanessa Oakley Chorus

'As a result of UP for IT, I saw these women go out into the organisation and share their stories and inspire other leaders in the organisation. A number of them are stepping up into bigger roles which is fantastic and with confidence and with presence.’

‘We are going to continue the collaboration with amandamillar&co. We see this as critical to building the pipeline of women leaders in Chorus and also a contribution to NZ Inc.’



'You don’t need me to tell you that Amanda Millar knows the media business.  I found her to be professional at every step of the way.  She will deal with the difficult, but can charm with the best of them. '

Gabrielle Hervey CEO, WOW Ltd, 2012

'Amanda ran a media training session at our international Entrepreneurs Organisation University. This was sold out before the Conference started, and people were pleading to attend. Those who were fortunate enough to attend gave the event an incredible 9.8 out of 10.'

Tony Falkenstein Communications Chair of EO NZ


Amanda Millar & Co Now we’re talking

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