We give you the real treatment. We listen, research, mentor, challenge and create content that will allow you to talk confidently and compellingly at all times to all audiences.


We equip clients with the communication tools to tell their stories with authenticity, relevancy and power – whether it’s through media and presentation training or content creation. We reckon we change lives. Over the last decade we’ve worked with a wide range of clients to help them become the best they can be in their lives. 


Our work is highly practical. We focus on problem solving and mentoring to build confidence and skills - either in one-on-one sessions or groups. 

We’ll give you the real treatment. We’ll listen, research, mentor, challenge and create content that will equip you to talk confidently and compellingly, anywhere, anytime, to any audience.

Presentation Skills

They say you’ve got just three seconds to create the right impression. We’ll help you nail it. You’ll see presenting as an opportunity not an ordeal through making it a rewarding experience – for both you and your audience. 


Media training

Hear confessions from the coalface. Learn how to cut-through, get your story across, stay real, calm and in control when you're under pressure and under fire. 


Video Production

Don’t wait for someone else to tell your story. Today, you and your story have to be online. And we know how to tell stories. We produce engaging and creative content – on video, in podcasts or for print.  

Leadership Training

UP For It was created by am&co to build leadership in women. It challenges, changes and grows presence, confidence and success for women in their business and personal lives. 



Presentation Skills

Face your worst fears
      in the best environment.


am&co is a safe place to overcome the knee trembles, find your voice, and gain the skills to structure your thoughts, command a room, connect with your audience, stare down the camera – and deliver compellingly.

We use cameras and a raft of specialists to help bring out your best performance.  This may include speech training, performance coaches or stress experts. 

It’s like being in a sandpit. You can chuck your toys, play with things and try new stuff while you learn and hone your communication style. You’ll be supported and in very good hands. 

  • Present to create the right impression in just 3 seconds!
  • In person, in print, online
  • In private, in the workplace
  • On camera or onstage
  • Full day, half day
  • One-on-one or in groups – big or small
  • One off or regular sessions and refresher courses
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‘Pathways just loved working with Amanda and her team. They were highly skilled, professional, flexible, fun and just awesome. Through their facilitated sessions they supported our organisation to understand more fully the significance of stories, key messages and communication styles and strategies.’

Sally Pitts-Brown Chief Executive, Pathways

‘You certainly helped me face a major fear that was holding me back, I could never thank you enough’. 

Aaron O’Brien Chief of Technology, Les Mills International, 2014.



Media Training

They’ve got their foot in the door.
      You don’t want yours in your mouth.


Our media training is highly practical and dynamic – many describe it as ‘transformational’.  We use real scenarios with professional camera crews, led by some of the most experienced journalists in the country 

This is where your worst case scenario comes to life. Bad things can happen in seconds to you and your company and reputations get shredded just as fast. We can make it damn close to happening!

We’ll create an authentic crisis, bring in the troops and see how you do or don’t manage the fall -out. You’ll experience the real thing, in real time - from the reaction inside your own organisation, and on the outside, through mainstream and social media. 

Be prepared

  • Know what to do when social media kicks off, journalists start calling and the public demand answers
  • Handle door-stopping, microphone-wielding reporters and cameras in your face
  • Confront your worst-case scenarios with guidance from those who’ve been there and done it 
  • Get your message across with authority and dignity - even under pressure
  • Future-proof your company’s reputation and image
  • You’ll learn fast and the knowledge and the power will last.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a crisis…we will also equip you to deal effectively, positively and confidently with the media on a day-to-day basis. 

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‘ Our executive leadership team thrived (if not at times uncomfortably) on the media training - “confronting and fun”. We will definitely work with Amanda and team again.’

Sally Pitts-Brown Chief Executive, Pathways

‘ In a very short space of time I had some critical assumptions about my preferred approach to a situation really turned around.’

Ross Phillips Business Improvement Manager, Pathways



Video Production

You have a story
    We know how to tell it.


Take it to them before they take it to you. Don’t wait for the media to come calling. Tell your story online or in the media first, so you control the narrative, tone and image. After more than 60 combined years in the media arena, stories are our business. In an increasingly crowded digital landscape - where everything is packaged in bite-sized snacks – we know how to get you noticed.

Our experienced creative team can shape and tell your story with power, professionalism and innovation to ensure you get the impact and profile you want.

We make videos for 

  • websites 
  • conferences
  • social media 

We can create the complete package to go with your communications strategy 

  • Videos 
  • Press releases
  • Fact sheets & Q & As
  • Brochures
  • Podcasts 
  • Social media campaigns.

Our team has proven specialist skills in bringing all stories to life through powerful images and simple, real and concise content.

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‘ For the last three years Amanda Millar and her team have created videos for us that have consistently impressed our audiences and helped create new international markets for our members.’

Bernie Diver Chairperson and Acting Executive Director NZDIA (New Zealand Defence Industry Association)

‘ The team always give us beautiful and appropriate supporting imagery for our international showcases that put our business in a respected and desirable place.’

Derek Elvy Director & Co-owner,  Buoy Salon and Spas


Leadership Training

Stand up, step up, speak up and front up.


'There are less women in senior management roles with New Zealand businesses than at any other time since 2004.'
Grant Thornton International's annual Women in Business survey March 8 th , 2018.

UP For It transforms women through building their presence, self-belief and communication skills. It allows women to become articulate and confident leaders so that that they can be the best they can be in every conversation, meeting, presentation and interview.

The training is highly dynamic, demanding and practical using cameras, specialist trainers and expert speakers.

Over four sessions, the programme delivers:

  • Stand UP – How to make yourself visible and vocal through learning about presence and what makes you ‘you’.

  • Step UP – Presenting your own story. How to become a powerful storyteller.

  • Speak UP – Finding your voice and owning it. Practical training on how to manage fear and challenging situations.

  • Front UP – Bring it on! Time to bring it all together and show you’re UP for It by putting yourself ‘out there’.

Feedback Chorus UP For It Course, 2017:

  • 100% of participants said they grew significantly during the course

  • More than 90% have since sought out new opportunities at work and are delivering a better performance

  • More than 80% said they now work more productively as a team member

  • Overall the programme rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.

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‘UP for It has changed me completely. From the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay in the corporate world to now where I’m back in leadership and I’m back to mentoring other women.’

Katherine Nicholson Programme Manager 2017


Amanda Millar & Co Now we’re talking

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